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Kim Hagerty is the Associate Director of the Marriage and Family Ministries Office of the Archdiocese.

Monday, February 08, 2016

National Marriage Week

Kim and Pat Hagerty

It’s National Marriage Week! We’re supposed to celebrate and live the great gift of married life. Here are my thoughts:

No one makes me happier than my husband, Pat. And no one drives me crazier. Sometimes I think, “Oh, he’s so cute; he’s so good to me. I’m so grateful we’re married to each other.” Other times I think, “It’s a good thing he’s so cute because he can be so annoying!” Hard as it may be to believe, I can also drive him crazy.

In our 37 years together I’ve had to give Pat two ultimatums: one to take down the Christmas lights from the outside of the house before our daughter’s First Communion (yes, it was May) or I’d leave him, and the other to grout the kitchen tile that had been grout–less for two years. Yes, he is a contractor who specializes in beautiful kitchens for other people (paying customers). Fortunately he took me seriously both times, taking down the lights and grouting the tile, leaving me free to think of other ultimatums for him.

Through the years, I’ve seen that making a few small changes can make a huge change in our marital happiness. For National Marriage Week (February 7–14) you’re invited to try something small to improve your marriage. Give him a back rub. Make her a nice dinner. Refrain from complaining about grout and Christmas lights. And check out the United State Conference of Catholic Bishop’s website for more ideas of how to strengthen your marriage.

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