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  1. Francis Cardinal George, OMI

    Archbishop Emeritus of Chicago

  2. Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey, OP

  3. Rev. Msgr. Richard P. Hynes

    Department Director, Department of Parish Life and Formation

  4. Frank Hannigan

    Director, Family Ministries Office

  5. Fr. Joseph Noonan

  6. Todd Williamson

    Director, Office for Divine Worship

  7. Fr. Claudio Díaz, Jr.

    Pastor, Misión San Juan Diego

  8. Nicholas C. Lund-Molfese

  9. Lea Dacanay

    Vicariate Stewardship Consultant, Department of Stewardship and Development

  10. Jan Slattery

    Director, Office for the Protection of Children and Youth

  11. Sr. Anita Baird, DHM

  12. Robert Gilligan

    Executive Director, Catholic Conference of Illinois

  13. Mary Ann Perrotti

    Director of Staff Development and Education, Catholic Charities

  14. Rita Kattner

  15. Maruja Sedano

    Director, Catechesis and Youth Ministry

  16. Joyce Duriga

    Editor, Catholic New World, New World Publications

  17. Sr. Joan McGuire

  18. Deacon Glenn Tylutki

    Outreach Coordinator, Catholic Cemeteries

  19. Fr. James Burnett

    Chief of Chaplain Services, Edward Hines VA Hospital

  20. Elena Segura

    Director, Office for Immigrant Affairs and Immigration Education

  21. Dr. Carol L. Fowler

  22. Barbara Shea Collins

    Director of Development Services
    Director of Annual Catholic Appeal, Annual Catholic Appeal

  23. Mary Norfleet-Johnson

  24. Nancy Polacek

    Director of the Office for New Evangelization

  25. Douglas Stearns

  26. Fr. Kevin J. Feeney

    Dean of Formation, University of St. Mary of the Lake / Mundelein Seminary

  27. Deacon John Lucas

    Executive Director, Amate House

  28. Fr. James Presta

    Vice Rector for Seminary Administration and Assistant Professor in the Department Dogmatic Theology; Director of Pre-Theology

  29. Fr. L. Scott Donahue

    President and CEO, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls

  30. Sr. Madge Karecki, SSJ-TOSF

  31. Alex Becker

    Executive Director, Priests’ Retirement and Mutual Aid Association

  32. Carmen Aguinaco

    Director, Hispanic Ministry Resource Center

  33. Dr. Katherine F. DeVries

  34. Julian Lazalde

  35. Daniel Gast

    Director, Inspire Project

  36. Jim Disch

    Director, Office of Radio and Television

  37. Deacon & Mrs. LeRoy T. Gill, Jr.

  38. Carol Walters

    Director, Office for Lay Ecclesial Ministry

  39. Fr. Brian Welter

    Vocation Director, Vocation Office

  40. Fr. Marek Kasperczuk

    Rector, Bishop Abramowicz Seminary

  41. Thomas Howard

  42. Cathy Walz

    Vicariate Catechetical Coordinator, Catechesis and Youth Ministry

  43. Msgr. Patrick Pollard

    Director, Catholic Cemeteries

  44. Alejandro Castillo

    Director, Hispanic Communications

  45. Peter Ductram

    Coordinator of Evangelization Initiatives for Latino Parishes, Office for Evangelization

  46. William Booth

    Major Gifts Officer Catholic Schools, Department of Stewardship and Development

  47. Michael Hoffman

    Chairman, The Healing Garden Planning Committee of the Archdiocese of Chicago

  48. Most Rev. Joseph Perry

    Auxiliary Bishop, Vicariate VI

  49. Adrienne Curry

  50. Fr. Octavio Munoz

    Rector, Casa Jesús

  51. Fr. Louis Cameli

    Archbishop's Delegate for Formation and Mission

  52. Margie Manczko Breen

  53. Andrew Lyke

    Director, Office for Black Catholics

  54. William Tworek

    Accountant, St. Frances of Rome

  55. Darius Villalobos

    Director, Young Adult Ministry

  56. Scott McLarty

  57. Jimmy Lago

  58. Beth Knobbe

  59. Fr. Marco Mercado

    Archbishop's Delegate for Hispanic Ministry

  60. Fr. George McKenna

  61. Fr. Richard Fragomeni

    Rector, Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii

  62. Raymond Coughlin

    Department Director, Department of Stewardship and Development

  63. Teresita Nuval


  64. Sir Gilbert Levine

  65. Fr. Robert Coleman

    Administrator, Immaculate Conception Parish

  66. Br. Emile, Taizé

  67. Esther Hicks

    Director of Catholic School Identity & Mission, Office of Catholic Schools

  68. Sr. Rene Simonelic, OSF

    Director of General Programming, Office for Divine Worship

  69. Fr. David Garcia

    Senior Advisor, Catholic Relief Services

  70. Deacon Sal Lema

    Director of Communications, Society of Mt. Carmel

  71. Anthony Suárez-Abraham

  72. Br. Jeffrey Gros, FSC

  73. Ken Butigan

  74. Archdiocesan Pastoral Council

  75. Victor Vallejo Garcia

    Program Manager/Latino Outreach Coordinator, Respect Life Office

  76. William Becerra

    Pastoral Organizer, Office for Immigrant Affairs and Immigration Education

  77. Thomas & Christina Yep

    Members of the Regnum Christi Movement

  78. Beth Starczewski

    Youth Ministry Coordinator, Vicariate VI, Office for Catechesis & Youth Ministry

  79. Office for Immigrant Affairs & Immigration Education

  80. Fr. Francis Bitterman

    Vocation Director, Vocation Office

  81. Jane Rubin

    Digital Media Coordinator, Office of Mission Education for the New Evangelization

  82. Clarissa Aljentera

    Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation, Social Media and Resources, Office for Catechesis and Youth Ministry

  83. Office for Peace and Justice

  84. Amanda Thompson

    Ministry Coordinator, Office of Marriage and Family Ministries

  85. Maria Fitzsimmons

    Coordinator, Office for Peace and Justice

  86. Very Rev. Thomas A. Baima

    Vicar for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, Office for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs

  87. Tom Tharayil

    Director, Office of Assistance Ministry

  88. Office of Mission Education for the New Evangelization

  89. Joanna Arellano

    Program Coordinator, Office of Peace and Justice

  90. Fr. William H. Woestman

    Associate Vicar for Canonical Services

  91. Peter de Keratry

    Campaign Manager, To Teach Who Christ Is Campaign

  92. Ted Ratajczyk

    Director of Cemetery Services, Catholic Cemeteries

  93. Most Rev. Andrew Wypych

    Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago,

  94. Most Rev. Alberto Rojas

    Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago

  95. Fr. Tim Gray

  96. Jude Huntz

    Director, Office of Peace and Justice

  97. Jose Torres

    Pastoral Migratoria Partnerships Coordinator, Office for Immigrant Affairs and Immigration Education

  98. Daniel Olsen

    Assistant Director, Office for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs

  99. Sr. Joan McGlinchey, MSC

    Vicar for Religious, Office for Religious

  100. Dawn Fitzpatrick

    Director, Respect Life Office

  101. Sr. Lovina Pammit, OSF

    Coordinator, Religious Vocations Ministries, Office for Religious

  102. Office for the Protection of Children and Youth

  103. Dawn Nothwehr

  104. Kim Hagerty

    Assistant Director, Marriage and Family Ministries Office

  105. Alane Malicay

    Program and Event Coordinator, Young Adult Ministry

  106. Deacon Keith Strohm