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Christ Renews His Parish
Department of Parish Life and Formation

A Parochial Spiritual Renewal Process

We all need to hit the refresh button.  Parishes need to hit the same button.  Christ Renews His Parish is a renewal weekend organized for men or women of heart, thoughtfulness, and humor.  Adults asking the great questions within themselves, seeking meaning, and looking for a more authentic life will find the necessary nourishment in this parish renewal process.  A parish seeking to revitalize its ministries and its initiatives in Christ will discover the appropriateness of the name.

How long has Christ Renews His Parish been around?

Subtitled A Parochial Spiritual Renewal Process started in 1969.  It has the stamp of approval of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops with updates along the way.  More recently the process has employed the imperatives of re-proposing the Gospel, the New Evangelization.  It has been an effective part of parish renewal in over one hundred parishes in the Archdiocese.  Now this renewal process can be presented for our Spanish-speaking communities.

What Happens on the Weekend?

Food, laughing and learning tend to happen on these weekends. During the weekend, participants hear from fellow parishioners sharing stories of change, challenge, impact, doubt, transitions, instincts for faith, and where they are with the movement of God in their lives.  Sacraments are an integral part of the weekend, which concludes with Mass.

What happens before the Weekend?

A lay Spiritual Director, trained for the role during a thirteen-week twenty six-hour training process, guides a team of fellow parishioners.  This person invited to the training by the pastor guides the formation of a team in and for Christ, creating the nucleus of the spiritual renewal process.

Who may attend?

All men and women are welcome.  Christ Renews His Parish is for anyone looking for that elusive "something more" in their relationship with themselves, others, and Christ.  You only need to be a seeker or willing to seek that ‘more’ in your life.  Many attend because they accurately sense that something is missing in their lives.

How does a parish begin the process?

Parish leadership – Pastor, staff, and members of the Parish Council begin the conversation.  Some plan to attend an “Inquiry Night” to gather some information and ask some questions.   Contact Msgr. Richard Hynes from the Department of Parish Life & Formation at or (312) 534-8388 and receive a packet of information.  Once the decision is agreed to by the parish leadership, a date for the initial weekend is chosen and a team from the Archdiocese readies itself to present the first weekend.


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