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Department of Parish Life and Formation
Quote of the Day

The sons of Zebedee press Christ. His response is saying: You talk of honors and rewards with me, but I must talk of struggle and toil. Now is not the time for rewards. Earthly life is the time for bloodshed, war and danger.

From a himily on Matthew by St. John Chrysostem
Text from The Liturgy of the Hours © 1974, ICEL. All rights reserved.
Vol III; July 25

Mission / Ecclesial basis:

The Department of Parish Life and Formation extends the Archbishops mission to foster and support the essential ministry of parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago, i.e. to foster, to form and to sustain the Christian faithful as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ. The Department also assists in the formation and sustaining of the Christian faithful in a variety of extra-parochial gatherings, e.g. young adults, ethnic groupings, proclaiming the Social Teachings of the Church, etc. By providing resources and encouragement the Departments agencies, collaborating, assist parish leadership and others in the responsibility of strengthening the Christian faithful so that fellow believers might live as missionary disciples within the circumstances of their lives and in the world.



Friday, July 25, 2014

:: Feast

  1. St. James
    1. St. James (West Fullerton Ave) Parish, founded in 1914
    2. St. James (South Wabash Ave) Parish, founded in 1855
    3. St. James (Arlington Heights, IL) Parish, founded in 1902
    4. St. James (Highwood, IL) Parish, founded in 1912
    5. St. James (Sauk Village, IL) Parish, founded in 1842
    6. St. James at Sag Bridge Parish, founded in 1833
:: Priest Necrology

  1. Rev. Gerald Patrick Scanlan – 1974
  2. Rev. Robert James Shannon – 2000
  3. Rev. John Francis Barlow – 2004

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