Archdiocese of Chicago

Presbyteral Council
Department of Parish Life and Formation

2013-2016 Officers

Chair: Rev. Louis Tylka
Vice Chair: Rev. Daniel Costello
Secretary: Rev. Peter Wojcik
Treasurer: Rev. Hernan Cuevas-Contreras

The Presbyteral Council is comprised of bishops and priests, mostly diocesan, but also some religious priests, of the Archdiocese of Chicago. It is a major consultative body to the Archbishop. As described in its Constitution, the “purposes of the Council” are:

  • to participate in the decision-making process in the Archdiocese;
  • to assist the Archbishop in all matters affecting pastoral welfare and the governance of the Archdiocese as the consultative body representing all priests;
  • to promote greater communication, cooperation and collaboration among the Archbishop, Priests, and Pastoral Offices and Agencies of the Archdiocese;
  • to foster a stronger bond of fraternity among all priests, and further a consciousness of their unity with the Archbishop;
  • to seek participation of the presbyterate in the pastoral concerns of the Council; and
  • to engage in those activities and programs necessary to implement the aforementioned purposes.

The territorial representation of priests in parochial ministry to the Council shall be through districts that are coterminous with Archdiocesan deaneries. Each deanery is entitled to at least one (1) Council member. The remaining seats will be apportioned in accord with the Presbyteral Council’s By-laws.

Those who may elect or be elected to the Council are:

  • All priests incardinated and licensed to minister within the Archdiocese of Chicago. "Licensed to minister" normally means having the faculties of the Archdiocese;
  • All priests licensed to minister within the Archdiocese of Chicago who are engaged in a significant way in an Archdiocesan Apostolate.

The Council shall also include the following non-territorial representatives: Two members from among retired priests; three members from among incardinated priests in non-parochial ministry; and three members from among the Religious priests serving in the Archdiocese.

 Inasmuch as the Council should be representative of the entire presbyterate, the Archbishop is free to appoint additional members if the election process has not achieved this purpose.

 In addition to the elected and appointed members, there shall be ex-officio members as outlined in the By-laws.

Although they are not members, there shall be others with voice only as described in the By-laws.

The responsibilities of a member will be:

  1. to share in the principal concerns of the presbyterate;
  2. to effectively represent the mind of the presbyterate to the Council;
  3. to remain in close contact with those who elected him and be accountable to them;
  4. to keep those who elected him informed of the activities of the Council;
  5. to actively engage in one or more of the working committees of the Council; and
  6. to work in collaboration and cooperation with the local Vicar and Dean.


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