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Registration is now open for the webinar on

That Your Joy May Be Full:
The Emotional Journey To The Fullness Of Life

To register for the Friday October 4, 2013 event, please click here

Time: 3:00-4:00 pm EDT  (please be vigilant of your own time zone)
Presenter: Ray Dlugos, OSA

On the way to the deep and full joy that Jesus desires for us, we feel profound anxiety, deep rage, powerful shame, and intense grief in response to the ordinary experience of life that can challenge our faith, shake our hope, and limit our love. This webinar will help participants to deepen awareness of our emotional lives as invitations to transformation, growth, wisdom and peace, all opening us to deeper faith and genuine hope. In addition to naming and removing the obstacles that block life giving emotions, this webinar will also discuss ways of expressing emotion that will deepen our intimacy with God and with others.


Efforts are underway to have the LCWR documentary, Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America, aired on NBC stations across the country. The film will be available to all NBC affiliates, for broadcast, at their discretion, from September 15, 2013 to March 15, 2014, as an episode of NBC's "Horizons of the Spirit" series, presented in partnership with the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission.  It is not a "must carry" program so each station decides when, or if, it airs the film. This is an important and rare opportunity to tell the story of women religious, so religious and anyone interested in getting this documentary aired are asked to call or write their local NBC station urging them to broadcast Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America.

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