• Parish Transformation Mission Workbook - Revised January, 2014
    This document gives parish leadership the opportunity to identify their strengths and define the parish's distinctive character.  A self-assessment tool outlines Parish Foundations and Building Blocks and provides the focus for discussion and planning.
  • Parish Transformation Survey is a tool to gather input from all members of the parish that will help the Parish Transformation team understand the parish's strengths and opportunities the parish may have to improve. This will be important information as the team reflects upon how the parish is called to live the mission of Christ and develops an action plan for the parish.

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  • Sample Benchmark Report
    This is a sample of a report used to compare an individual parish financial result with other similar parishes. It can be used to identify possible improvement areas as the parish works to achieve a strong financial base.
  • Finance Action Guide Church Finances
    This guide will assist the parish to review "best practices" in finances and to allow for the parish committee to develop new ideas to improve their financial situation.
  • Finance Action Guide School Finances
    Schools can be challenging to manage financially. School teams should consider the following guidelines in developing plans to improve the financial situation of the school.

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