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Francis Cardinal George gave a deposition on January 30, 2008 as part of the mediation of a group of legal claims brought by victims of childhood sexual abuse against the Archdiocese of Chicago. The purpose of the deposition was to allow the victims' attorney, Jeffrey R. Anderson, to ask Cardinal George questions to assist in resolving those claims fairly and promptly.

At a deposition only the witness provides testimony under oath. The words of the attorneys are not testimony. The attorney taking the deposition asks questions that he or she chooses. Accordingly, a deposition is not meant to provide a full view of a case.

The attorney taking a deposition also has wide latitude in the use of documents. He or she can present documents from the witness' files or other documents that the witness may not have seen. Documents created by attorneys, and statements made by attorneys, are not evidence and may not be accurate.

In a few places, the transcript and some exhibits have words blacked out. These are called "redactions." Their purpose is to protect the privacy of persons who are not directly involved in these cases, or to protect information that is required by law to be kept confidential. For the same reasons of privacy, a number of people discussed in the deposition are referred to as "John Doe," or by some other pseudonym. The parties have agreed that these redactions are appropriate in this case.

Other than the few instances of redaction, the written transcript reflects everything said by Cardinal George at the deposition. The complete transcript of the deposition is available by clicking on the link below.

Thomas F. Gibbons, Mediator

August 12, 2008

Deposition of Francis Cardinal George >>

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