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Monday, July 6, 2009


Fishing with my nephew’s eight year old daughter teaches me how we progress in prayer. Each year, since she first started fishing three years ago, she has mastered one skill after another. At first, all she would do was hold the pole while others watched to see when a fish would bite. After she learned to watch patiently for a bite, she began to learn how to prepare the pole, put on the sinkers and bait the hook. Putting worms on the hook took a bit longer, but now the only thing she still won’t do is take the newly caught fish off the hook. She will, however, throw the fish back in the water.

Jesus tells us to keep fishing, even when we think we’ve exhausted all the possibilities. If we obey, we’ll catch something, and he expects us to follow up. We are to discipline ourselves as his disciples, learn the techniques, recognize how we need help and take joy in doing what he tells us to do. There are schools of prayer as there are schools of fish.

Fish aren’t easily caught, so one has to learn their habits and habitats; and that’s how Jesus fishes for us. We just have to give him a chance.

Francis Cardinal George, OMI

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