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Monday, September 21, 2009


Fairly often I find myself at golf outings and their dinners, although I’m not a golfer.  These events are always benefits for schools and other charities, or they honor someone who has been generous to others.  They are good events.

Occasionally, however, I’ve wondered about the fascination that golf holds for many people. Why this interest in getting a small ball into a small hole from a great distance and over many obstacles?  Then I realized that the same question could be asked about any game.

St. Paul compares the life of discipleship to an athletic match.  Creating artificial challenges for ourselves trains us for the challenges of life itself, including life with Christ.  Playing on a team trains us to put others first, which means loving your neighbor as yourself.  People return from a golf outing better prepared to handle greater obstacles.  Of course, games can also be a distraction or even a spiritually unhealthy escape.  As in everything in life, faith puts it all together so that we can stay together in Christ in this life and the next.

Francis Cardinal George, OMI

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