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Monday, March 22, 2010

God is Truly Father

As Jesus struggled to make his true identity known to the people who followed him, he spoke of his Father.  If Jesus isn’t known, it’s because his Father is unknown; and, vice versa, no one knows the Father except the one he sent, Jesus.  We are invited into this knowledge, this unity, when Jesus invites us to address his Father as our Father.

God is truly Father, just as Jesus is truly Son.  It’s easier to recognize Jesus as a son because, in assuming human nature, he takes on our flesh as a male.  It’s harder to recognize the Creator as Father, because he’s not a man, he’s not male.  How God, who is purely spiritual, engenders a spiritual Son from all eternity is part of the mystery of the Blessed Trinity.  What we don’t understand, however, we can taste and touch through love.

The storm that gathered around Jesus at the end of his life intensified as people came to know him better but refused to love him.  Knowledge without love is dangerous. 

Francis Cardinal George, OMI

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