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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who’s in and Who’s out

In the dog days of August, hotter this year than in recent years, reports compare the temperature at the airports and at the lakefront with reports from other parts of the country.  When the temperature outside reaches uncomfortable heights, we receive advice on how to stay cool inside.  Extreme heat is especially hard on babies and older people and the sick, and fans and air conditioners are not luxuries but necessities on some days. Staying inside keeps one physically safe.

The parables of the Kingdom of God told by Our Lord sometimes speak of a feast, with guests safely inside and others, who were invited but didn’t show up on time, on the outside.  The difference between those on the inside and those left out is discipleship and the eager, attentive love that is its hallmark.

The Lord loves everyone and died so that all would be saved and live in his Kingdom forever.  But not everyone loves him in such a way that their eternal salvation is assured.  Jesus respects our freedom and doesn’t save us without our cooperation.  Who is in and who is out we leave to the Providence of a God who loves us and desires that we spend eternity with him; but in the meantime, in our time, we also watch, alert to the signs of his love and grace, the signs of his presence in our times.  Watching for the Lord each day in order to do his will is like following the temperature reports so that we know how to live safely.

Francis Cardinal George, OMI

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