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Monday, February 28, 2011

God's Network

The proclamation of the kingdom of God is the third of the luminous mysteries of the Rosary because it is the theme of all the Gospels before they begin to detail Christ’s passion, death and resurrection.  Both Jesus’ words and his miracles are meant to show us what God’s reign is like, what things would be like if God had his way all the time.

God’s kingdom is revealed finally as Jesus himself and all those in relationship with him, especially all the baptized.  It’s a network, not a place.  We’ve become used to electronic networks of all sorts, so perhaps it will be easier for people to understand God’s kingdom now.  Of course, we’re not connected electronically in God’s kingdom; we’re related by grace and love, realities highly charged, small and tender but widespread.

Francis Cardinal George, OMI

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