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Wired and unwired

“The technological advances of the last few decades have changed our lives. The Internet has made it possible to be in conversation with people all over the world, to gather for meetings without burning jet fuel, to find almost any book, research almost any subject, organize for almost any purpose.

According to several recent books and articles, however, it is not only our lives that have changed; our brains have changed as well. Clicking through Internet links, multitasking in multiple media, interrupting our train of thought to check our e-mail – these activities have been steadily rewiring the neural pathways of our brains. Neuroscience has confirmed that we are losing our capacity for sustained attention, contemplative thought and deep engagement. We risk other losses: we could lose our ability to become absorbed in long complex books; we could staunch the creativity that flows from contemplation; our capacity for empathy, some fear, could weaken.”

- Stephanie Paulsell
Christian Century, August 10, 2010

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