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Ministry: Doing What We Do Best…Or Not!

A Story:

He took a young man, who was on the brink of a total meltdown, to see a psychologist. It would be his first visit with the community clinic after a week’s stay in a psychiatric hospital. As soon as they entered his office, the psychologist picked up a clipboard with forms attached and began asking questions and jotting down the answers. His eyes rarely veered from the clipboard. It was quickly evident that he was about the task at hand – completing his paperwork – and not about the person who so needed relief from his pain.

How often do we get overwhelmed with the task at hand; with the rules and regulations, guidelines, protocols, or simply the way we have become accustomed to doing what we do around here, and fail to see and experience the person. It is not that we want to ignore the person, but rather feel that it is something that is beyond what we are able to do. We get so caught up with the tasks and things before us or the way we are and do around here and we miss the humanity in one another!

Source: “From Courtroom to Circle Room” by David Kelly, C.PP.S.