Office of Conciliation - Archdiocese of Chicago

F.Y.I.R. - For Your Information and Reflection


Sending Up-Beat Messages to the Children Communicating Your Love, Appreciation, and Respect for Them:

  • Pin a “Love Note” on the child’s pillow to wake up to. What a way to start a day!
  • Prepare him/her a favorite meal.
  • Look for opportunities to compliment even the smallest things.
  • Smiles, winks, and thank you’s-especially at the most unexpected of times!
  • Convey your positive regard for his/her person-not just accomplishment/skills.
  • “Round” off the rough edges of your anger and your angry voice-Remember you are in “this” for the long run…and so is your child!
  • Remember you are the adult…check your childishness at the door of your child’s heart, and enter it lovingly and as a kindly loving and forgiving parent/adult.
  • Remember-You have a lot to do with the memories your child carries with him/her into adulthood…and how he/she will be a parent!