Office of Conciliation - Archdiocese of Chicago

F.Y.I.R. - For Your Information and Reflection

The Communication Climate

Rank the intensity of the presence of the following organizational influences in your group or ministry setting

Rating: 0 = Not present at all | 1 = Low | 10 = High

Hypercritical: Judgments passed on others, blaming, suspicion of motives, values of others questioned

Controlling: Restrictions of, or resistance to, the flow of others’ ideas or others’ participation

Manipulative: “Deception” (game playing) used to foster certain agendas

Dropping Out: Non-investment in issues before the group

Superiority: Arrogance – hubris that create feelings of defensiveness in others

Dogmatic: “Turf” mentality exists; ideas defended or aggressively put forth irrespective of correctness, validity, or data but “because they exist”

Non-Judgmental: Members need not fear that their motives will be questioned

Solutions Oriented: All in group invited to work/collaborate in solving a problem

Spontaneous: Promotes candidness, honesty, straightforwardness in what is being said and done

Empathic: Fosters an attitude that tries to walk in the “shoes of others”

Equality: Encourages members to participate in common endeavors with mutual trust and respect