Office of Conciliation - Archdiocese of Chicago

F.Y.I.R. - For Your Information and Reflection

God Space

  • God is felt and encountered in tangible ways that address the longings and cries of the heart.
  • We come to the end of our own finite resources and experience the infinite resources of God.
  • The natural gives way to the supernatural.
  • Seeds of faith are planted, watered, and nurtured.
  • Gentleness and respect are present, judgment is absent, and divine dialogue flows naturally because trust has been established.
  • The invisible principles of God’s kingdom are made visible in ways people can see, touch, and feel.
  • Friends of sinners – in other words, our friends – dwell.
  • The topic of God can be explored freely without agendas, biases, and personal convictions getting in the way.
  • Cynics, skeptics, scoffers, and spiritually curious people alike can raise their questions, share their doubts, voice their concerns, and even vent their anger toward God and the church.
  • The “unworthy” feel safe enough to bring their real selves out into the light, and to journey, one step at a time, toward the magnetic pull they sense deep in their souls.
  • Spiritual curiosity is aroused, and the message of Christianity becomes plausible.

Taken from: Doug Pollock’s article in REV! Magazine (Sept/Oct 2009)