Metropolitan Sanitary District


Each year, the Real Estate department has filed an Annual User Charge Statement with the Metropolitan Sanitary District on behalf of the parishes within Cook County. This is not an optional filing, this is a mandatory filing with the City of Chicago. If this is not filed, fines and penalties are assessed. The Metroplitan Sanitarty District now is requiring that each individual parish file their own Annual User Charge Statement. Due to internal issues at the Metropolitan Sanitary District, the Archdiocese of Chicago has agreed to send the 2013 MSD filing to the parishes. Please complete the form and return with payment and return to the Metropolitan Sanitary District directly. Do not send to the Archdiocese of Chicago. Going forward, the Metropolitan Sanitary District should be sending this form to the parishes directly. Should you have any questions in regards to completing this form, please call the Metropolitan Sanitary District at (312) 751-5600.

The Metropolitan Sanitary District encompasses the city of Chicago, all Cities, Suburbs, Townships, Villages that are located in Cook County, with the exception of South Chicago Heights, Chicago Heights, Homewood and Park Forest that belong to the Thorn Creek Sanitary District. The services that are provided to your water department by the Metropolitan Sanitary District include the treatment and disposal of sewage, industrial waste, and other wastes generated by the user. Each City, Suburb, Township, and Village are charged an annual user fee for the services of the Sanitary District. This is separate from your monthly or quarterly water and sewer bill from your respective water departments.