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  Word On Fire 8:30 AM
1st Catholic Community of Faith 9-10 AM
2nd Catholic Schools Today 9-10 AM
3rd Catholic Conference Hour 9-10 AM
4th Catholic Community of Faith 9-10 AM
  God's Praises Tell 9-9:30 AM
  Voices of Charities 9:30-10 AM
1st Life Talk 9-10 AM
2nd The Light Show 9-10 AM
3rd Reflecting Christ's Light 9-9:30 AM
3rd Echoing God's Word 9:30-10 AM
4th Focus On the Liturgy 9-10 AM
  Word On Fire 9-9:30 AM
1st Built on the Rock 9:30-10 AM
2nd Made for Life 9:30-10 AM
3rd Mission Matters 9:30-10 AM
4th American Catholic Radio 9:30-10 AM
1st Vocations 9-9:30 AM
1st Mundelein Seminary Presents 9:30-10 AM
2nd to 4th Catholic Community of Faith 9-10 AM
  Una Comunidad Católica De Fe 8:30 AM

Catholic Community of Faith

1st & 4th Monday and 2nd to 4th Friday 9-10 a.m.
Relevant Radio 950-AM

Fr. Greg Sakowicz, Pastor of St. Mary Parish in Evanston, is the host of this lively discussion program that presents news and information about the Archdiocese of Chicago, while exploring topics of faith from the Catholic perspective. Co-hosting with Fr. Sakowicz are either Graziano Marcheschi, Executive Director of University Ministry at St. Xavier University in Chicago, or Wayne Magdziarz, Vice President and Chief of Staff for the President's Office at Loyola University.

Fr. Greg Sakowicz Graziano Marcheschi Wayne Magdziarz

Misericordia Candy Days/Mayslake Ministries

Hosts: Fr. Greg Sakowicz and Wayne Magdziarz. Segment I: Sr. rosemary Connelly talks about the upcoming Candy Days Fundraiser and the wonderful ministry that continues at Misericordia. Segment II: Dr. Mary Amore, executive director of Mayslake Ministries, discusses her three-part DVD series on the Eucharist, Fr. James Martin's webinar presentation on the Saints, and about a retreat for Veterans coming up in May.
Friday, April 11, 2014 | Stream | Download

Human Trafficking/Casa Jesus

Hosts: Fr. Greg Sakowicz and Graziano Marcheschi. Segment I: Human Trafficking. Guest: Sr. Jean Okroi, IBVM. Segment II: Casa Jesus. Guest: Fr. Octavio Munoz.
Monday, April 07, 2014 | Stream | Download

Arise Chicago/Lenten Music

Hosts: Fr. Greg Sakowicz and Wayne Magdziarz. Segment I: Arise Chicago builds partnerships between faith communities and workers to fight workplace injustice through education, organizing and advocacy for public policy change. In-studio guests are... Luke Sullivan, religious organizer for Arise Chicago... Fr. Larry Dowling, president of AC’s board of directors and pastor of St. Agatha Church... and Rev. C. J. Hawking, pastor of Euclid Avenue United Methodist Church, and executive director of Arise Chicago. For more information, go to Segment II: Michael Ruzicki of Liturgy Training Publications joins us in-studio to discuss Lenten Music. Michael promises to bring lots of music ... so if you guys run out of questions, just lean back, relax and enjoy the tunes.
Monday, March 31, 2014 | Stream | Download

The Gathering III/Chicago Cenacle

Host: Fr. Greg Sakowicz. Segment I: “The Gathering III --- Men’s Day of Renewal,” a one-day retreat at Holy Family Church in Inverness. Guests are; Bob Thomas, Illinois Supreme Court Justice and former Chicago Bears Field Goal Kicker; Fr. Terry Keehan, pastor of Holy Family Church; and Bob Fallon, Grand Knight and organizer of the event. Segment II: Sr. Rosemary Duncan talks about Chicago Cenacle and their retreat programs during Lent and throughout the year.
Friday, March 28, 2014 | Stream | Download

World Catholicism Week/Vicki Quade

Hosts: Fr. Greg Sakowicz and Graziano Marcheschi. Segment I: World Catholicism Week at DePaul University, April 6-11. Guests: Bill Cavanaugh; Philip Jenkins; Tim Muldoon; Rev. Andrew O'Connor. Segment II: Creator of Late Night Catechism, Vicki Quade, talks about her latest hit, "Bible Bingo" at the Royal George Theater.
Monday, March 24, 2014 | Stream | Download

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