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Updated August 18, 2022


Masks are optional in all archdiocesan churches and locations. However, in all instances, when a priest or deacon will be in close proximity to individuals presenting themselves (or their children) for reception of the sacraments, masks are strongly encouraged but not required.

Mask guideline for schools

Masks remain optional for all schools within the Archdiocese of Chicago with two exceptions:

  • Anyone returning from a 5-day isolation (i.e., recently positive) who has not tested negative on/after day 5 must wear a mask when indoors on days 6 – 10.
  • In situations where a classroom has 3 or more positive cases within a ten-day period, the entire classroom may be required to mask for ten days from the last day of attendance of the third case. In the event of additional cases in that classroom within the 10-day masking period, the mask mandate will be capped at the 10-days after the onset of the 3rd consecutive case within the 10-day period and cannot be extended.

Click here for more information on school guidelines.

Distribution of Holy Communion at Mass

  • The priest and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion should continue to sanitize their hands prior to distributing Communion.
  • When distributing Holy Communion on the tongue, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion must have hand sanitizer nearby and use it immediately in the event of contact with saliva (which is good practice in all circumstances).
  • Distributing/receiving Holy Communion from the cup remains suspended at this time; concelebrants should proceed with the practice of intinction. The archdiocese will communicate once sharing of the cup may resume.

Bringing Holy Communion to the Sick and Homebound

  • Ministers must be fully vaccinated (for the protection for the homebound who would in most cases be considered vulnerable).
  • Communion Services in assisted living homes, senior residents, etc. must follow the protocols of the establishment.