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Statement of the Archdiocese of Chicago on the Arrest of Fr. Rigoberto Gámez Alfonso

October 12, 2018

Fr. Rigoberto Gámez Alfonso, a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago, was arrested yesterday by the Chicago Police Department and has been charged with two counts of criminal sexual abuse of adult women and one count of simple battery of a minor female. His faculties to minister in the Archdiocese of Chicago have been withdrawn effective immediately. The Archdiocese of Chicago will fully cooperate with the authorities in this matter.

The Archdiocese of Chicago is committed to ensuring that parishioners are served by priests who are fit for ministry. Moreover, it is critically important that all who work in our parishes and ministries understand behavioral expectations of them. Additional measures will be introduced to train all priests and parish personnel on sexual harassment and boundary violation prevention. Only by adhering to proper behavioral standards and a continued enforcement of our code of conduct will people feel respected and safe in workplaces and worship and service sites throughout the archdiocese. Anyone who has concerns or wishes to make an allegation should call the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office for the Protection of Children and Youth at 312.534.5254.

For the Spanish verison of the statement, please click here.