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Statement of the Archdiocese of Chicago on its Reopening Plan for its Schools

August 20, 2020

The Archdiocese of Chicago created a reopening plan for its schools that places the health and safety of our students, teachers and employees above all else. It meets the strict Illinois Department of Public Health requirements and was developed with input from all of our stakeholders, including teachers as well as public health authorities and medical experts. As the school year progresses, we will continue to follow the guidance of authorities, monitor compliance with the plan and make adjustments accordingly.

The Office of Catholic Schools employs more than 5,000 in administrative, teaching and staff positions. They have worked together to respond to this extraordinary challenge and continue our education mission. The opening of more than 70 schools this week has been greeted with enthusiasm by our families, students and teachers. The mixture of in-person and on-line learning they offer differs from school to school and responds to parent choice. If families choose remote learning, they are accommodated.

Our Office of Catholic School has repeatedly directed employees with concerns to speak with their principals or send their concerns to the Archdiocese for response. We have diligently responded to principal and employee concerns brought to our attention. However, we cannot accommodate all requests. Given the preference of a majority of families for in-person learning, remote teaching opportunities are limited. To the extent possible, teachers who choose to work remotely are accommodated either at their original school or by applying to another school with remote teaching opportunities.