Offices and Ministries

Archdiocesan Pastoral Council

Who We Are

The Archdiocesan Pastoral Council (APC) is an advisory body which serves to assist the archbishop in his pastoral duties and agenda. Although the entirety of the archdiocese is united in our baptismal mission, we enjoy a uniquely diverse population that brings a myriad of perspectives, viewpoints and concerns to every archdiocese-related issue. Consulting with the APC allows the archbishop to draw upon this rich diversity in his governance of the local church as the pastoral leader of the archdiocese.

The APC delegates include appointed lay representatives from each of the six vicariates (pastoral regions of the archdiocese) and lay organizations as well as representatives from the Presbyteral Council, Archdiocesan Women's Committee, Youth Council, pastoral associates, directors of Religious Education, religious orders, and deacons. 

What We Do

The role of the APC is to:

  • Advise the Archbishop of Chicago.
  • Provide communication between the archbishop and the local lay leaders.
  • Support the Archdiocesan process of renewal.

Interested in joining the APC? Please fill in the Candidate Interest Form.

For more information regarding APC, please see flyer or contact Danielle Bodette at [email protected] or 312.534.8058.