Offices and Ministries

Interest Rate Schedule

Effective Oct 1, 2020
Deposit Accounts Archdiocesan Bank Rates
Regular Savings Account 0.85%
Building Fund Savings Account 0.85%
Stock Mutual Fund Account 0.95%
To Teach Who Christ Is Savings Account 0.95%


Certificates of Deposit (Minimum $25,000 Deposit) Archdiocesan Bank Rates
90-Day Certificate of Deposit 1.20%
6-Month Certificate of Deposit 1.30%
12-Month Certificate of Deposit 1.70%


Endowment Funds  
Actual Realized Gain/Loss will be reflected on a monthly basis on a one month lag basis from Northern Trust statements.  


Standard Loans Archdiocesan Bank Rates
New Capital, Construction, and Operating Loans  
1 Year Fixed 4.95%
2 – 4 Year Fixed 5.50%
5 – 7 Year Fixed 5.75%
Rates for longer term loans will be set based on prevailing market rates