Offices and Ministries

Ministerial Evaluation

The Office of Ministerial Evaluation’s goal is to promote good stewardship of the ministerial, professional and personal gifts of Archdiocesan clergy and personnel through effective performance management that involves ongoing communication regarding work expectations, implementation of responsibilities and contribution to mission.

Key Services

  • Administrate performance management materials and processes for Archdiocesan clergy and personnel.
  • Coordinate 360 Catholic Leadership ministry reviews for priests and periodic ministerial review for pastoral coordinators.
  • Train supervisory and staff personnel regarding performance management principles and skills


  • Resources for Performance Management with Parish Personnel (PDF)
    Includes information on the Performance Management (Planning for performance, reviewing performance, keys to staff development, non-evaluative approaches to performance discussion); Tools and Forms for Performance Review and Planning for various ministries and positions.
  • 360 Catholic Leadership review for priests.
    Click below for Parish-wide Survey 
  • Job Analysis Worksheets: 
    • Pastoral Associates (PDF)
    • Ministry of Care (PDF)
    • Coordinator of Youth Ministry (PDF)
    •  Directors of Music (PDF)
    • Directors of Religious Education (PDF)
    • Coordinator of Religious Education (PDF)


Chris Cannova                                                  
Director of Personnel Services 
Office: 312.534.8349  

Reverend Robert Heidenreich 
Coordinator of Ministerial Review and Programs for Priests 
Office: 312.534.5237  

Reverend Michael P. Knotek 
Executive Secretary, Diocesan Priests' Placement Board
Office:  312.534.5276 

Mailing Address
Archdiocese of Chicago
Post Office Box 1979 
Chicago, Illinois 60690-1979