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Priests Health and Wellness

Our annual collection benefiting healthcare, wellness and retirement for the priests of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

100 percent of those priests count on you. They inspired vision, hope and comfort in times of poverty in our souls. They were there when we needed them. Now they’re back again, not thinking about their precarious future, but concerned for your spiritual future. Back again as long as they are able.


  • There are over 200 Retired Archdiocesan Priests. They represent 30 percent of all the priests serving in the Archdiocese. Normal retirement age is 70 for Chicago priests. Sixty-five priests still live in a rectory and assist the parish on a regular basis. Close to 140 retired priests celebrate Sunday Mass weekly; perform marriages and baptisms; and visit the sick in hospitals. Without these dedicated men, many parishes would not be able to offer the full range of Masses and sacraments that are currently available.
  • There are two independent living residences for retired priests that are subsidized by the Archdiocese. There is space for 38 retired priests to enjoy communal living with their brother priests in retirement.
  • Forty-two retired priests are currently receiving nursing home assistance or have aides coming to their home or rectory. This care costs over $2 million annually.
  • The priests pension fund was adversely affected by the economic downturn. Millions of dollars will be needed in the coming years to bring it to appropriate funding levels. We spend $3.1 million annually for priests’ pensions.
  • This collection is solely for the retired priests of the Archdiocese of Chicago. The retired priests of the Archdiocese receive no funds from the Religious Retirement Collection taken up in December. Those funds go for religious nuns and brothers and religious order priests.
  • Many people remember with fondness the priest that baptized them, gave them First Communion, celebrated their marriage, visited them at home or in the hospital. These memories often involve the current retired priests of our Archdiocese.
  • The Archdiocese of Chicago is committed to caring for our retired priests, but we need your assistance and the generosity of every parish community.

Please send contributions to:

1400 South Wolf Road, Bldg 3, Flr 2
Hillside, IL 60162

- OR -

Phone: 708.449.8026

Your generous contribution is greatly appreciated. Know that you are remembered in the prayers of the priests of the Archdiocese of Chicago.