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Spiritual Healing Ministry

The Archdiocese of Chicago receives telephone calls and emails from members of the faithful and from other or no faith traditions expressing their need for pastoral care relating to interior spiritual battles. This need typically arises from past trauma, habitual sins, and participation in New Age (Reiki, Mindfulness, Chakra/Aura Balancing, etc.) in addition to occult practices.

To provide the best care to the whole person, the Archbishop has assigned a deacon to serve as the Program Coordinator, Healing, who is well versed in the ministry of spiritual healing.

Please keep in mind that inner healing and spiritual freedom is a process of spiritual conversion. As the scriptures illustrate, all sin causes division and hinders our relationship with God and opens the door to evil. True progress in the spiritual life, thus, necessitates developing a personal relationship with God through prayer, repentance, works of charity, and embracing a life of grace. 

Note: Only persons who reside within the geographical territory of the Archdiocese of Chicago (Lake and Cook County) may access this diocesan resource. Individuals residing outside of the Archdiocese should contact their local parish priest or diocesan chancery office.

To more immediately address the increasing requests of the faithful who are seeking spiritual healing ministry, the following general outline is provided.

Process for Spiritual Healing of Adults

Persons seeking personal spiritual healing ministry from trained diocesan priests and deacons (together with their team of laity and mental health professionals):

For Catholics or non-Catholics residing in the Archdiocese of Chicago, seeking to receive ongoing pastoral guidance, inner healing, or spiritual support, the first step is to complete this Official Intake Form

Unless a serious medical condition exists, individuals over 18 years of age, must take initiative for their own care and fill out the Official Intake Form themselves.  Please know that all documentation is held secure and confidentiality is assured throughout the process. 

  • All completed Intake Forms are prayerfully and carefully discerned to determine how to provide the best spiritual support to every individual. Meanwhile, persons need to actively prepare for their first prayer session by following all the recommendations provided on the Intake Form's final page. Appointments are limited due to the increased need and volume of requests. Please be patient until such time as a ministry staff member contacts you.

  • A mental health professional may be asked to complete an assessment of an individual and share these results with the Program Coordinator, Healing (Professional consultation fees may apply).
  • If deemed appropriate, a member of the healing prayer team will call the person to work through the logistics of arranging a prayer session.
  • The person will be offered a date, time, and place to come for healing ministry led by a designated priest or deacon and members of the lay team.
  • The person may receive a prescription of prayer as well to help strengthen his/her spiritual life. This is part of the pre-care and post-care. Pastoral post-care is done with one’s parish priest.
  • The priest, deacon, and team will prayerfully discern if the person’s situation is a case for more intensive spiritual deliverance.

Process for Spiritual Healing of Children (Less Than 18 yrs)

  1. Parents seeking ministry for a son or daughter under the age of eighteen may start by filling out the Official Intake Form on behalf of their child.  A similar process to what is outlined above will be followed.

  2. Scheduled appointments, though, require at least one parent to be present.  Every child needs to be properly informed and open to receiving prayer. This dialogue should occur several days prior to arrival.

  3. While parents may desire ministry for their children, prayer sessions cannot be scheduled with unwilling participants. 

Request for House/Business Blessings

The prayers to bless a house/business are normally offered by a deacon or priest.

  • Those seeking the blessing of their home or business should first contact their local parish clergy.
  • If demonic activity is suspected due to witchcraft, magic, or other causes, local clergy should contact the Program Director, Healing directly.

Please be assured that the clergy of the Archdiocese of Chicago understand that your needs are real and pressing. They will not be ignored. Any delay that may take place is likely due to the number of requests at any one given time.