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Full time - Posted: 7/23/2015

Payroll Administrator

Financial Services - Archbishop Quigley Center

Basic Functions Oversee the day-to-day payroll operations for 600+ Priests, Religious and Lay staff at the offices and agencies of the Pastoral Center. Respond to Pastoral Center agency. Participate in a significant process improvement initiative, which includes the implementation of a new system to replace paper time sheets …

Full time - Posted: 7/17/2015

Senior Administrative Assistant to the Director

Office for Catechesis and Youth Ministry - Archbishop Quigley Center

Provides general administrative and secretarial assistance to the Director. Exercises considerable discretion and independent judgment. Prepares and analyzes the OFCYM budget as determined by the Director, in accordance with guidelines from Financial Services. Monitors OFCYM income and expenditures in accordance with budget categories and procedures from Financial Services. Prepares and …

Full time - Posted: 7/15/2015

Coordinator of Youth Ministry - Vicariate VI

Evangelization and Catechesis - Archbishop Quigley Center

The Vicariate Coordinator of Youth Ministry coordinates the efforts to promote effective ministry to youth in the Vicariate as stated by documents from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Coordinator will assist youth ministers in their professional development, leading to Archdiocesan approval and certification. Further responsibilities include …

Full time - Posted: 7/13/2015

Director - Office for the Protection of Children and Youth

Office for the Protection of Children and Youth - Archbishop Quigley Center

The Archdiocese of Chicago seeks to hire a Director for the Office for the Protection of Children and Youth. In this critical role, the Director will have final responsibility underneath the Archbishop to ensure that the Archdiocese will promptly, effectively and comprehensively address all allegations of sexual abuse of …

Full time - Posted: 7/10/2015

Financial Accounting and Information Services Manager

Financial Services - Archbishop Quigley Center

Responsible for overseeing the organization’s financial processes, procedures, and controls, including maintenance of its fiscal records, as it pertains to the preparation of the required monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports for the Pastoral Center and Parishes. Duties and responsibilities: 1.Directs and has overall supervisory responsibility for …

Part time - Posted: 7/9/2015

Department Initiative Coordinator

Parish Life and Formation - Cardinal Meyer Center

The Department Initiative Coordinator provides general support to Vicariate 3 Ministry Commission, in addition to serving as a resource to the Vicariate 1 and Vicariate 5 Ministry Commissions. This person will be responsible for the coordination and the development of the Archdiocesan Parish Leadership Day event. Duties and Responsibilities: • Actively work …

Full time - Posted: 7/1/2015

Vicariate Business Consultant

Financial Services - Other

Work closely with parishes and schools to improve their financial results and ensure their long-term financial stability. In fulfilling this role, the Consultant works with the local vicar counseling the vicar to prioritize and resolve administrative issues for the vicariate. Assist parishes in attracting, developing and retaining local …

Full time - Posted: 6/30/2015

Office Manager

Office for the Protection of Children and Youth - Archbishop Quigley Center

Position Summary: The Office Manager is responsible to insure that the Office for the Protection of Children and Youth (OPCY) operates efficiently and effectively. Responsibilities include: database management, supervision of support staff, records and facilities management, serves as the building contact for maintenance, oversees the OPCY expenses and …

Full time - Posted: 6/29/2015

Advertising Sales Representative

New World Publications - Archbishop Quigley Center

The Advertising Sales Representative sells advertising space for all New World Publications (Catholic New World, Catolico and Archdiocesan Directory) their Web sites, and special projects when available. Solicit for prospects through a variety of media/new media ; maintain database of prospects/clients; handle sales correspondence. Assist in ad production, …

Full time - Posted: 6/19/2015

Parish Campaign Director

Captial Campaign - To Teach Who Christ Is - Archbishop Quigley Center

The Parish Campaign Director will provide expertise to parishes in the areas of communications, marketing, and strategic planning pertaining to the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign. The Parish Campaign Director is responsible for leading campaign efforts at the parish level, working together with the Pastor and his staff. …

Full time - Posted: 6/3/2015

Accounting Services Administrator

Parish Operations - Cardinal Meyer Center

The Parish Operations Accounting Services Administrator is responsibile for promoting the Service Center by providing exceptional accounting and payroll services for select Parishes and Schools in the Archdiocese and assist in the transitions of Parishes into the Service Center. This individual is responsible for Financial Management and Payroll Administration.

Full time - Posted: 5/28/2015

Senior Administrative Assistant II

Moderator of the Curia - Archbishop Quigley Center

This key position serves as an Executive Assistant to Senior Leadership of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Understanding of the Catholic Church structure and the tenets of the faith are necessary attributes of the person in this role. Additionally, ability to use discretion in matters of a highly confidential …

Full time - Posted: 5/18/2015

Director of School Communications and Marketing

Communications - Archbishop Quigley Center

The Director of School Communications and Marketing develops and implements the communications and marketing strategies , both internally and externally in support of the mission of the Office of Catholic Schools, on behalf of the Archdiocese of Chicago. This work includes planning, implementation and performance measurement in the areas …