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Ministerial Resources for Parishes

This page is intended to be a resource for pastors and parish lay staff members as stewards of the ministerial, professional and personal gifts of their personnel through effective performance management regarding ministerial & work expectations, implementation of responsibilities and contribution to mission.

It is also intended to provide a link for parishioners to the Parish-wide survey for the review of their pastor/associate pastor.

Key Services

  • Provide administrate performance review background, materials and processes for Archdiocesan clergy and lay ministerial personnel.
  • Make available the Parish-wide survey for the review of priests.
  • Provide pastors with possible ministerial job descriptions (Job analysis worksheets)


  • Resources for Performance Management with Parish Lay Ministerial Personnel (PDF)
    • Includes information on the Performance Management (Planning for performance, reviewing performance, keys to staff development, non-evaluative approaches to performance discussion); Tools and Forms for Performance Review and Planning for various ministries and positions.
  • Parish-wide Survey review for priests.
    Click below for Parish-wide Survey 
  • Job Analysis Worksheets: 
    • Pastoral Associates (PDF)
    • Ministry of Care (PDF)
    • Coordinator of Youth Ministry (PDF)
    • Directors of Music (PDF)
    • Directors of Religious Education (PDF)
    • Coordinator of Religious Education (PDF)
  • Retired Priests’ Pastoral Needs Response Form (Link)


Reverend John S. Siemianowski
Executive Secretary, Diocesan Priests’ Placement Board

Reverend Robert Heidenreich
Coordinator of Ministerial Review and Programs for Priests
[email protected]

Mailing Address
Archdiocese of Chicago
Post Office Box 1979 
Chicago, Illinois 60690-1979